Automate New Product Research with AI

The only software to apply proprietary Machine Learning algorithms to automate your new product research. Simporter analyzes search traffic, customer reviews, product descriptions, and social media to identify your next best-seller.

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What makes us Different?

There's a lot of tools out there. Here's why you should pick Simporter.

Be First
Trends go from 0-60 in just 6 weeks. Unlike a consultancy, Simporter is updated 24/7 to provide you with first-mover insights.
Holistic Data
Instead of having separate tools for each data source (a social listening tool, eCommerce, search tool, etc.), Simporter is one holistic platform.
Data, Not Opinion
Focus groups and panel services require you guess what the data means. Simporter's Machine Learning analyzes more than 10 million data points to tell you, scientifically.
We think analytics tools are too complex so Simporter is designed to give you just what you need without the unnecessary headaches.
Our proprietary AI algorithms, combined with our exclusive databases, increase new product revenue by an average of +23%.

How It Works

Simporter automates your new product research in the following ways


Idea Stage

Kick off your next product idea with the confidence of Big Data. In just minutes, you can easily understand what ingredients should be in your next product, spot unmet consumer needs, and identify unsatisfactory sensory attributes in your category.


Launch Stage

Reduce your dependence on expensive testing, time consuming spreadsheets, and inaccurate guessing. Instead, just select the attributes of your new product launch and get a new launch forecast with up to 93% accuracy for the next 52 weeks for each SKU and each channel.


On-the-Market Stage

Save time and automatically analyze consumer feedback from search, reviews, and social media so you can solve consumer journey obstacles and better understand consumer reactions to your products at the SKU level.

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